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Distance learning education is the best option if you want to study in another country or anywhere else and want the benefits of international education. Distance learning is more affordable than studying abroad, as everything can be done online.

Many studies are online, so universities and organizations offer financial aid and scholarships. Scholarships for online courses are a great way to provide financial aid for students in need.

Are there scholarships available for online degrees? Yes! They are right here. To compile a list of 25 scholarships for online degrees, we searched many resources. This blog will discuss the benefit of scholarships and how to apply. We’ll also show you. Take a look!!!

The Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning is here to stay; it’s obvious. Online education is a way to get college for those who cannot travel to campus. Online courses are easy to access and offer a lot of flexibility.

Online programs allow you to create a class schedule that suits your needs. Online programs are flexible, and you don’t have to attend class. You can also get assignments completed when it suits you. You can complete your studies from anywhere. This is great for those who have a full-time job or a family.

Online degrees are also cheaper. Classes online tend to be less expensive than those on campus. Online students don’t need to pay for food, housing, or expenses on campus. You can also save money on transportation (tolls and gas, parking, etc.

Online degree programs today are just as well-respected as those on campus. Students who study online have access to the same content and resources as those who attend in person. They also have the same instructors. The diplomas earned from online classes are the same as for on-campus courses. Online education is not mentioned.

Scholarships for Online Courses Requirements

These are the most requested requirements for scholarship applications:

  • Type of application or registration
  • Motivation letter or personal essay
  • Recommendation letter
  • A letter from a university or college confirming acceptance
  • Documentation of low-income, including certified financial statements
  • A record of outstanding academic or athletic achievements

How to Apply for Scholarships To Study Online?

These steps are necessary to apply for scholarships:

  • Fill out the online application to apply for the scholarship.
  • Check your email to confirm that you have received the confirmation email.
  • Write a personal statement for your application. Many models are online, but you should be original and show creativity.
  • Official documentation should be obtained for academic, athletic, or creative achievements. Translate the documents if necessary. This is often the case.
  • For region-based scholarships, you can also obtain your income and nationality documentation. Another translation might be necessary.
  • Before you send any documents to the scholarship provider, ensure they are error-free.
  • Send the university’s admission letter or an official document from the university confirming your admission. You will not be granted the scholarship if you do not confirm your intention to start your studies.
  • Wait for the result. The money you need to pay for tuition is usually sent directly to the college or institution (or a portion thereof).

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Top 10 scholarships for online courses

Below are the top 10 Scholarships for online courses:

1. Full Sail Education Media Scholarship

Deadline: Friday, two weeks before term

The Education Media Scholarship provides up to $12,000 for K-12 professionals. Full Sail University, an Orlando-based online college, is accredited by the ACCSC. They must be pursuing a master’s degree online. Scholarship funds cover tuition for MFAs in Creative Writing, MS Instructional Design Technology or MFAs in Media Design. Other scholarships are available for online courses. These scholarships include the Courage and Creativity Scholarship and Momentum Scholarship. Full Sail is one of the few online colleges that offer grants.

Full Sail Education Media Scholarship


2. Distance Learning Scholarship

Deadline October 15th or February 15th was founded in 1998 as an online education portal. The Distance Learning Scholarship is available for $1,000 to US citizens twice yearly. They must be enrolled in the virtual classroom to receive an undergraduate or post-grad degree. Please submit your transcript, FAFSA Form, 500-word essay entitled “What an Online College Degree means to me,” and a copy of your resume. Distance Learning Scholarship


3. Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley Scholarships

Deadline: varies

The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley and the University of Phoenix are the following options. Three full-tuition scholarships are offered per year for online college. These scholarships are only available to online students who have completed the Latino Board Leadership Academy. The US citizen or DACA recipient must be eligible to apply for the Hispanic candidate. They must comply with UOPX admission requirements and enroll for at least six credits on campus. They must maintain good standing in online masters or undergraduate programs. Apollo Education Group employees and their families are not eligible.

Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley Scholarships for online courses 


4. AAUW Re-Entry Woman Scholarship

Deadline: April 15th

Female students from non-traditional backgrounds are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship is for women who are re-entry students and costs $2,000. It comes from the American Association of University Women Poway-Penasquitos Branch. To be eligible, students must be at least 23 and have a high-school diploma or GED. They must also live in San Diego County and enroll for at least six college credits.

AAUW Reentry Woman Scholarship


5. AFCEA Afghanistan and Iraq War Vet Scholarship

Deadline: May 31st

The Afghanistan and Iraq War Vet Scholarship, worth $2,500, is open to all active-duty and retired veterans. This scholarship is available to those studying STEM degrees on-campus and online. It is offered through The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association. The following are qualified majors:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Robotics Technology
  • Geospatial Science
  • Mathematics
  • Biometrics
  • Electronics Engineering

This scholarship is not available to juniors or sophomores. They must have served in the Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan or Iraqi Freedom operations from 2003 to the present.

AFCEA Afghanistan War Vet Scholarships for online courses 


6. Barbara Solomon Scholarships for Social Work

Deadline: May 31st

The Barbara Solomon Scholarships for Social Work award six recipients each year $5,000, $10,000 and full tuition coverage. Walden University offers this scholarship. The student must be a US citizen with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5. Students must have experience in social services. You must write a 1,000-word essay about a social problem affecting vulnerable populations.

Barbara Solomon Scholarships in Social Work
  • 100 Washington Avenue S. Suite 9000
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401
  • (866) 492-5336
  • [email protected]


7. Berklee Online Music Scholarships

Deadline: Varies

Each term, the Berklee Online Music Scholarships provide $1,479 to 16 students enrolled in a 12-week-long online course. These courses must be taken for certificates like Advanced Music Production or Creative Writing. Students must have completed the first course with a grade of 3.7 or higher to be eligible. Instructors must recommend students and apply by the fifth week of each term. Artists such as Gloria Estefan and Paul Simon sponsor the online course scholarships.

Berklee Online Music Scholarships for online courses 


8. Canyon Christian Schools Consortium Scholarship

Deadline: March 31st

Canyon Christian Schools Consortium Scholarships grant $2,500 per annum. This scholarship is available to full-time students with 12+ credits. They must have been a graduate of a CCSC member high school. Grand Canyon University offers the opportunity. The eligibility criteria for applicants are a minimum secondary GPA of 3.0 and a score of at least 19 on the ACT or 920 on the SAT. They also must complete 20 hours of community service each semester. They cannot receive the GCU State University Grant simultaneously.

Canyon Christian Schools Consortium Scholarship


9. CSU-Global Academic Excellence Scholarship

Deadline: None

The Colorado State University Global Campus offers the Academic Excellence Scholarship. This merit-based scholarship covers six credits of undergrad or graduate credit and can be used to earn up to $3,000 annually. Students must be at least half-time. They must also take courses that meet the requirements of their degree programs. They should also have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.7 and file the FAFSA form with 1,000 words about how CSU-Global impacted their lives.

CSU-Global Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • 7800 East Orchard Road, Suite 200
  • Greenwood Village, CO 80111
  • (800) 920-6723
  • [email protected]


10. Rainbow Business & Professional Association Scholarship

Deadline: March 25th

This Scholarships for online courses  is for students who have the following:

  1. Promote diversity
  2. Stop Bullying
  3. Fight against discrimination against LGBTQ+ students

Only New England residents can apply. Students must plan to attend college during the fall semester after the award year. Each degree program can be applied only once. The Rainbow & Professional Association offers this scholarship to online colleges. RBPA is a professional association with the mission of ending inequality through education.

RBPA Scholarship Fund, Inc



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