Top Destinations Canada To Study 2022- Apply For Canada Study Visa

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Are you interested in studying in the top destinations Canada? It will be a rewarding experience for you, and you’ll have a pleasant yet challenging student life.

It’s not surprising that Canada is ranked as one of the top countries for quality of life. Whether an international or a local student, you will receive a recognized qualification from renowned educators. You may wonder: What is the best places for students to live in Canada and top destinations Canada for student?

Students must be informed about Canada’s cost of living, the cities most suitable for their lifestyle, and other details. So they can make informed career choices. This article will tell you about the top destinations Canada to study for international students.

Top Destinations Canada For Student to Live and Learn

It is recommended to review a list of the top 10 Canadian student-friendly destinations before applying for a student visa or study permit in Canada.

1. Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, Quebec Montreal is Canada’s second-largest city and is well-known for its prestigious colleges and universities. Montreal’s cost of living is lower than other major cities.

2. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, the capital city of Ontario, is located on the shores of Lake Ontario. It is also the 7th largest American city. Toronto is Canada’s financial, cultural, and arts hub. It is also known for being one of the world’s most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities. It is one of the most popular cities for international students. Students from India and other countries can find fantastic opportunities in the city, including internships, volunteer work, and jobs.

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3. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is Canada’s capital and home to Canada’s cultural cradle. The city is Canada’s trading hub and offers the perfect blend of city living and country life. Winnipeg is a great place to live and learn.

4. Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton residents enjoy a low cost of living and lower property prices. The taxes are lower, with no provincial sales tax. Alberta is the home of more than 17,000 international students. It is also a significant destination for studying abroad.

5. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a popular destination for students. Vancouver’s colleges and universities are among the best in the world. It is a great place to study for students of all backgrounds.

6. Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is another top student city in Canada. Ottawa is known for its multiculturalism and is home to many multilingual citizens fluent in English and French.

7. Hamilton

Hamilton is well-known for its young population, making it an excellent city for international and local students. Hamilton is home to the Waikato river, which runs 16kms through the city. You can visit 130 parks and gardens at leisure. If you feel spontaneous, you can take a 90-minute drive to Auckland, New Zealand.

McMaster University is a great place to live and work if you are a student. Its reputation for innovation in engineering and business has earned it a good reputation. Delivery drivers, customer service representatives and software developers are some of the most in-demand jobs in Hamilton right now.

8. The Interior, BC

The Interior is home to primary economic industries with cities such as Nelson, Kamloops, and Kelowna. The cost of living is quite affordable, particularly in terms of housing and food, compared to Vancouver.

It is located in the middle of British Columbia province, Canada, and is home to the University of British Columbia. This university is a recognized global center for research and teaching.

9. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

It is also a very affordable and student-friendly Canadian city. It has a buyer/renter-friendly market and is home to one of the most prestigious universities in Canada, i.e., the University of Saskatchewan

10. Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec is Canada’s most affordable city regarding living costs and international student tuition fees. Quebec is also known for its vibrant celebrations and festivals, which attract the most significant number of tourists worldwide.

How to Apply for Visa in Canada

When you apply, you should submit

  • letter to accept your attendance at a designated learning institution (DLI).
  • As many as possible documents are required for a complete application as possible
    • They will not be able to issue your study permit until they have received a complete application.
    • Refusing to submit documents can cause delays in processing.
  • For documents missing because of COVID-19, a letter of explanation.

You must apply online if you are outside Canada or in Canada for a study permit.

Only paper applications are accepted.

  • You have a disability that prohibits you from applying online
  • Obtain an identity document or travel document for non-national residents, refugees, or stateless persons


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