Apply Now: The Best MPH Scholarships and Grants in 2022

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Your dream of completing your master’s degree in health care is possible; however, for some students, it can result in financial strain in other areas of their lives, and it isn’t easy to pay for the requirements for tuition. Read on to know about MPH scholarships and grants.

Although student loans have always been a viable method of addressing the problem of inadequate funding, this can also result in a higher debt at a difficult stage as you begin your career direction.

The largest of the nation’s public health organizations are recognized for making the profession of public health easier to access through grants, scholarships, and grants to help pay for the costs of obtaining a master’s or bachelor’s doctorate in health.

There are a lot of grants and scholarships in the United States aimed mainly at students in public health, and in this article, we’ll discuss the best MPH scholarships and grants.

What Is Public Health

MPH Scholarships and Grants

The term “public health” is “the art and science of preventing illness, prolonging life, and improving health by the coordinated efforts and informed decisions of the public, groups, private communities, and individuals.”

Why Study Masters in Public Health

Master’s degrees in Public Health (typically an MSc in this field) provide students with comprehensive knowledge about public health at a graduate stage.

Alongside offering an in-depth knowledge of the fundamental areas of public health in policy and practice, Graduate level education can also provide the chance to pursue a specialization. A graduate degree can also open opportunities for higher-level positions and higher pay.

A few public health positions that require a master’s degree usually include epidemiology, advanced health education and research.

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Top Mph Scholarships and Grants

Below are the top MPH scholarships and grants:

1. University of Alabama School of Public Health: Billy and Judy Bridgers Endowed Scholarship

Benefits: Vary each year


  • You must be a graduate or doctoral student studying public health from Alabama’s University of Alabama
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA

Information: This scholarship is available to all master’s degree students in the field of public health.


Other scholarships for public health available for Alabama residents include: Alabama include:

2. Illinois Public Health Association: Scholarship for Graduate Study in Public Health

Benefits: $1,000


  • You must be an Illinois resident of Illinois.
  • You must be enrolled in a public health-related graduate degree program.
  • It can be used toward tuition payments.

Information: Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that is based on academic merit.


Other Illinois Public Health Association scholarships include:

3. Iowa Environmental Health Association Scholarship

Benefits: $500


  • Students must be full-time students.
  • Should be pursuing a master’s degree in public health.
  • You must be an Iowa resident.


Other scholarships for public health available within Iowa include:

4. Indiana Public Health Foundation: Dr. Helen L. Scheibner Life Science and Public Health Scholarship

Benefits: $1,000


  • You must be a resident of Indiana
  • The student must have an undergraduate degree (or greater) with a focus on public health
  • You must be in the senior or junior year of the undergraduate degree.


Another source of scholarship opportunities for students of public health who are in Indiana is:

5. CAICH Master of Public Health Scholarship

Benefits: Amount varies


  • The applicant must be American Indian/Alaska Indian
  • All requirements must be met for admission to the Kansas University Master of Public Health program.
  • The essay must be 500 words in length. Health disparities suffered by members of the American Indian population


Other scholarships for public health available in Kansas are:

6. Kentucky Public Health Association: Ellen M. Buchart Scholarship

Benefits: $2,000 per year


  • It would help if you were a junior or senior in college or a graduate student
  • It is required to be registered in a health major


Other scholarships offered by Kentucky Public Health Association include: Kentucky Public Health Association include:

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