Apply Now: Teacher Connect Scholarship UWA 2022/2023

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Students are just starting their studies or returning to school. Do you have a passion for learning?

The teacher connect scholarship UWA can help you if yes. This post will discuss how to apply UWA teacher connect scholarship.

About UWA

The University of West Alabama can be found in Livingston, at the state’s western border.

The school was chartered in 1835 as a female academy for the church. It has since grown to be a significant educational institution.

UWA offers over 70 programs online to more than 3,000 students. It also serves a diverse student population.

Benefits of Attending UWA Online

  • Convenience: Get an online degree at your own pace with personal support, from application to graduation
  • Competitive Tuition: Be part of the 80 percent of UWA Students who have received some financial aid
  • Credit Transfers: Take advantage of UWA’s generous credit transfer policies
  • Expert Faculty: Learn from practitioners and scholars to gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

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Students Starting a New Degree with UWA Must:

  • Participate in the Teacher Connect partnership.
  • As published by UWA’s Connect Calendar, all Teacher Connect deadlines must be met.

About Teacher Connect Scholarship UWA

Teacher Connect Scholarship UWA

UWA’s Teacher Connect program partners with schools to assist teachers and aspiring teachers in completing education degrees online. It also qualifies for a tuition scholarship of up to $50 per hour.

This certificate can be used to obtain certification at UWA for over 35 programs (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral).

You may be eligible for a scholarship if you want to become a teacher or increase your marketability.


Here are the requirements to receive the teacher connect scholarship UWA:

  • Students must be interested in pursuing an online education degree that includes teacher certification.
  • Participate in Teacher Connect.
  • Cumulative and Program GPAs must be at least 3.0.
  • Students cannot have student balances or hold on to their student accounts.
  • The university must have a good standing.
  • The school must approve students’ participation in this program.
  • The Teacher Connect Scholarship does not apply to repeated coursework. Students who receive a failing grade in a course will lose their Teacher Connect Scholarship.
  • All Teacher Connect deadlines, as published on the Connect Calendar, must be met.

How to Apply

To participate in the UWA financial aid (even if the scholarship was granted in the past):

  1. Check the list of participating school districts to verify that your school is a Teacher Connect Partner.
  2. Get accepted to UWA by applying.
  3. By the Connect deadline, complete the Teachers Connect Verification Form. The completed form can be submitted via email to [email protected].
  4. Review the Connect Calendar to ensure you are aware of all scholarship application deadlines. Particular registration deadlines for Connect programs may be earlier than the regular ones. Only those who register by the deadline for connect will be eligible for the scholarship.

Note: You must reapply for the Teacher Connect Program (submit Teacher Connect verification form) for multiple degrees you pursue with UWA and if you change school districts while in the program.

How Long Can I Receive the Scholarship?

After a teacher connect participant begins a program, they will have 24 months to complete their degree requirements under the Teacher Connect pricing arrangement.

If a Teacher Connect participant is pursuing a bachelor’s degree or doctorate, they will have 48 months to complete the Teacher Connect Scholarship Program requirements.

For more information the scholarship or you want to know about UWA student connect visit the official UWA website, CLICK HERE or Visit: teacherconnect@uwa edu.

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