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This page will provide information on how to apply for a Dubai scholarship for Africans and international students.

Some scholarships are fully funded, while others are partially funded for undergraduates. These scholarships can be used for postgraduates and students pursuing a Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., Fellowship, or Master’s Degree.

These Dubai scholarships are mainly funded by the United Arab Emirates government and private institutions. We will be listing the best Dubai scholarships for Africans in this article.

Top Dubai scholarships for Africans

1. Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) 2023 Masters/Ph.D Scholarships – Dubai, UAE

To foster innovation and leadership in technology and business development in the UAE and internationally, we must establish and maintain an interdisciplinary, collaborative, research-based and cooperative research and development capability in AI. Abu Dhabi is a leader in the transfer, creation and use of AI to promote economic growth.

The Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence offers a variety of graduate programs that allow you to pursue advanced specialized knowledge in artificial intelligence. The dedicated faculty and staff will encourage and guide you in making the right decisions.

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2. University of Wollongong 2022 Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students

They have always been focused on academic excellence at UOWD. This is their identity and vision: to be one of the best universities in the UAE.

They are constantly striving to make a meaningful contribution to society through education and professional development that empowers future workers and fosters a culture of global citizenship.

They are proud of their international identity and feel passionate about bringing people together through shared learning experiences. Their dedication to quality drives innovation and continuous improvement.

The University of Wollongong Dubai undergraduate Academic Merit scholarship covers 15% to 50% of tuition fees for each semester. The scholarship does NOT cover textbooks, travel, accommodation, living expenses, or other study-related expenses.

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3. United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) 2022 PhD Scholarship for all Nationalities

The “Ph.D. Scholarship” was created to attract high-achieving graduate students to UAEU in specific majors and to provide continuous financial support for their graduate studies at UAEU.

The Ph.D. Scholarship Awards are awarded based on a competitive process that considers applicants’ credentials (i.e., GPA, journal publications, conference presentations, patents, GRE score, recommendation letters, etc.) Where they graduated from. All applicants must submit copies of their credentials when applying.

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4. Canadian University Dubai 2022-2023 Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students – UAE

Canadian University Dubai is proud of its commitment to offering high-quality Canadian education to all. We recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion and don’t want financial constraints or special needs to prevent you from enrolment. CUD offers these scholarships to help alleviate this concern and reward academically outstanding students.

  • Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Sports Scholarship
  • Financial Hardship Scholarship
  • Special Needs Scholarship
  • Special Talent Scholarship

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5. LSE & UCT 2022-2023 Fully Funded Double Degree Masters Scholarships for African Students

The Double Degree Masters in Global Media and Communications (Masters in Global Media and Communications) is an exceptional program that allows you to study and gain experience in two cities (London and Los Angeles or Shanghai or Cape Town) while establishing close connections and ties with global media industries.

Two top-ranked educational institutions will host successful students: the London School of Economics in London (LSE) in your first year and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles (USC), Fudan University, Shanghai, or the University of Cape Town in South Africa (UCT). International experience gained through one of our Global programs is valuable in today’s globalized world. It gives students an invaluable knowledge base and allows them to make informed decisions.

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