Jobs You Can Do Without A Work Permit In Canada 2022

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Canada is open to skilled workers and professionals with high-level qualifications who can help us grow our economy. You can apply for a work permit in Canada if you don’t have enough experience.

The Canadian authorities grant certain exceptions to specific groups to allow them to work in Canada without a permit. These workers don’t require a work permit or a temporary permit.

You can apply for various jobs in Canada and get started immediately! This article will focus on jobs you can do without a work permit in Canada.

There Are Many Types of Jobs that Do Not Require a Work Permit in Canada

These jobs do not require work permits for foreign nationals who wish to work in Canada. However, if a foreign national is employed in one of the above scenarios, they may be eligible to receive a work permit in Canada exemption.

1. Examiner and evaluator

A work permit in Canada exemption may be available for foreign nationals who are professors or academic experts. This allows them to carry out certain activities in Canada. These activities may include the supervision and evaluation of research proposals and theses. A Canadian research group or educational institution may employ you.

2. Expert witness or investigator

You may be eligible to apply for a work permit exemption if you are in Canada to give evidence before a regulatory body or tribunal, or court.

3. Family member of foreign representative

You may be eligible to receive a Canadian work permit exemption if you are the spouse, child, or representative of a foreign country. These conditions are required to be eligible for the exemptions:

  • Global Affairs Canada (GAC) must be obtained, including a GAC counterfoil.
  • GAC must issue a letter of non-objection. This letter is usually only issued when there is a reciprocal agreement for employment between Canada and the other country.

4. Foreign government officer or representative

If you meet the following conditions, you may be eligible for a work permit exclusion:

  • An employee of a foreign country works under an exchange agreement that allows officials to work in Canada and your country.
  • You are a diplomat from another country or an official representative of another country.
  • You are a diplomat from a country other than the United Nations.

If they are going to be in Canada for more than three months, employees from other countries must get an official letter.

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5. Health care student

A work permit exemption may be available for foreign nationals studying in Canada in the healthcare field and wishing to take up employment in Canada as part of a training program. The following four conditions must be met to be eligible for the exemption:

  • Participation in clinical clerkships is required.
  • Your primary purpose in employment is to train others.
  • The provincial regulatory body that regulates your profession must approve you in writing (not all provinces require this).
  • Training must not last more than four months.

You will need a work permit if you don’t meet these conditions.

6. Judge, referee or similar official

A work permit exemption may be available for foreign nationals visiting Canada to judge or serve as officials at international amateur competitions. This exemption is available for the following events:

  • Festivals for music and dance
  • Shows featuring animals
  • Agricultural contests.

7. Coach or athlete

You may not need a work permit if you are a Canadian national and a member of an international athletic team competing in Canada. This applies to athletes, coaches, and other members of foreign teams. A work permit is required if you are part of a Canadian team.

8. Investigator of aviation accident or incident

You may be exempted from the requirement for a work permit if you are an accredited agent or adviser to investigate aviation accidents or other incidents. The exemption is only available if the investigation falls under the Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act.

9. Business visitor

Foreign nationals who visit Canada for business purposes but are not allowed to enter the Canadian labor market are called Business Visitors. You may not need a Canadian work permit if you are a business visitor.

Note: There’s a big difference between a business visitor and a businessperson. Make sure you meet the requirements to be eligible for the exemption.

10. Civil aviation inspector

You may be eligible for a work permit exemption if you are employed to inspect the safety and flight operations of international flights through Canada.


To conclude our article about people who can work in Canada without a permit, you must be one of the individuals mentioned above. You may also need a temporary or permanent permit to work in Canada if your work or status is not as stated above.

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