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Are you looking for the fastest bachelor degree program online? You can earn your degree fast and straightforwardly without wasting time.

Four years is an extended duration to attend college. A traditional bachelor’s program takes at minimum four years to complete. Some accelerated college programs permit you to finish a bachelor’s degree in a shorter time. Sometimes, it’s less than one year–depending on the subject you are studying and how quickly you finish the courses.

Suppose you’re looking to complete your degree quickly. In that case, various accredited institutions offer online classes that require less than half the time compared to traditional 16-week courses. We’ll assume that you don’t have transfer credits to ensure that you’ll only be looking at more efficient ones. So check our list below.

10 Schools With Fastest Bachelor Degree Program

The fastest bachelor degree program online courses will depend on your preferences, capabilities, prior experiences and jobs, and the specific program you select.

The schools in this list offer degree programs that are significantly faster because of the reasons we discussed earlier. Numerous factors could affect the speed you complete your degree, but the ones you’ll find here provide a possibility to begin and complete the Bachelor’s program in less time.

1. Western Governors University

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Tuition: $3,225–$3,550 every six months

Accreditation: Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

Online bachelor’s degrees: 28

First on our list of schools with the fastest bachelor degree program is Western Governors University. Most graduates finish their Bachelor’s degree from WGU within less than four years, and some graduate within 12 months or less.

It’s also among the most affordable routes to obtain a regionally accredited diploma.

What do they do? Competency-based education. Instead of finishing courses once the quarter or semester is over, the course is completed when you can prove that you’ve grasped the subject. If you’ve already mastered much of the subject in previous classes or from real-world knowledge, you can cut several months, and even decades, off your degree.

There are a variety of grades to pick from, but all fall into one of the four categories:

1. Business

2. Teaching

3. Information Technology

4. Health and Nursing


2. Eastern Kentucky University

Location: Richmond, Kentucky
Admission Rate: 94%
Graduation Rate: 45%
Accreditation: Yes
Percent Online Enrollment: 44%

Eastern Kentucky University offers undergraduate degrees through its public institution on its Richmond campus. The school offers 52 online courses along with in-person and online programs. The bachelor of arts online in general studies program provides an academically rigorous program with a flexible structure.


3. Capella University

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tuition: $2,300–$2,700 every 12 weeks

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Online bachelor’s degrees: 17

Also on our list of schools with the fastest bachelor degree program is Capella University. Capella University has one of the fastest routes to earning a bachelor’s degree from beginning to end. If you’re motivated and well-read (and you’ve got free time), you’ll be able to finish four courses in about two years.

Capella University’s distinctive FlexPath format allows you to enroll in two courses simultaneously. And when you’ve completed one, you can sign up for a second. The assignments are given to you at the start of the 12 weeks (including assessments and projects), and you can complete your courses as fast as you like.

The top 10% of FlexPath students complete their course within one year. However, there’s a caveat: you have to earn 45 credits before the start of your course before enrolling in the FlexPath program. This comes to around a year’s worth of classes you can complete on the internet using GuidedPath. GuidedPath program at Capella University.

Each Bachelor’s degree program includes a price specific to FlexPath. However, you can enroll in as many classes as you like per quarter that you complete before starting another.

There are 17 online Bachelor’s degrees available through the FlexPath option offered by Capella University, and each includes a range of options for concentrations. So you’ll have a lot of options.

Here’s what students have to say regarding FlexPath: FlexPath system:

Many schools provide demonstrations of their courses to demonstrate how their online classes function. However, Capella University has a free one-week trial course complete with homework so that you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to become a self-paced online learner. (It will not grant you any credit, however.)

In addition to the FlexPath system, Capella University has all other alternatives to reduce the length of your education. You can earn credit for relevant work experience, certifications, and some nationally-recognized tests. It is also possible to transfer credits from another institution. The amount you can transfer will depend on the course you select. However, 75 percent of Bachelor’s students from Capella University have at least some transfer credits.


4. Colorado Technical University

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Tuition: about $11,00 per year

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Online bachelor’s degrees: 41

Also on our list of schools with the fastest bachelor degree program is Colorado Technical University. Alongside a wide variety of online degree programs, Colorado Technical University takes an innovative approach to the previous assessment of learning. They also offer a Fast Track program that lets students take tests outside their courses and earn credit. The exams could save you 30% or more of your overall degree time.

The CTU’s degree programs offer around 180 credits. Using the Fast Track tests, you could achieve up to 72 credits. That’s more than one and a half years off the total amount of your education! You can find out how many tests are offered in every degree program before registering and determine which classes the tests are designed for.


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5. American InterContinental University-Online

Location: Schaumburg, Illinois

Tuition: about $54,000 total

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Online bachelor’s degrees: 25

American InterContinental University’s online campus has a variety of Bachelor’s degree programs, and their extensive credit for prior learning systems could dramatically reduce the time needed to complete a degree.

Credits can be earned through work experience or training, which directly relates to the degree you’re pursuing. For instance, if, for example, you’ve attended the law enforcement academy — a training course that usually is less than six months long–it’s equivalent to 36 credits towards education in criminal justice.

The College Level Examination Programs (CLEP) Cost just $85 per test; however if you can get them passed, AIU substitutes these for relevant lower-level courses within its degree programs. For that, DSST exams could be substituted in place of courses at a lower or higher level. They also accept Advanced Placement (AP) tests too.

If you’ve had previous university credits, AIU permits you to carry up to 75% of your college degree.


6. Northeastern University

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Tuition: about $61,000 total

Accreditation: New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education

Online bachelor’s degrees: 10

Also on our list of schools with the fastest bachelor degree program is Northeastern University. Northeastern University offers a decent range of Bachelor’s degrees that can be completed online and various ways to finish them quicker.

Exam scores can be submitted from proficiency tests such as CLEP, DSST, Excelsior and AP. If you’ve got relevant health, business information technology, higher education in the liberal arts or have experience; You can submit an assessment of your prior education to earn some extra credits.

Northeastern University also has three-degree completion online programs. Most of your degree may be earned from credits from your previous college.

You can look at an online course demonstration for an online education experience similar to that at Northeastern University. NU provides tips for making the most of your experience as an online student.


7. Southern New Hampshire University

  • Location: Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Admission Rate: 88%
  • Graduation Rate: 44%
  • Instituation Type: Private
  • Accreditation: Yes
  • Percent Online Enrollment: 94%

Also on our list of schools with the fastest bachelor degree program is Southern New Hampshire University. A private school in Manchester, Southern New Hampshire University, provides undergraduate degrees. It offers 84 degrees for students who want to earn an online degree. This includes a BA with a major in the field of general studies. People who prefer to take their classes online will benefit from the school’s long-standing reputation in distance learning.


8. Colorado State University-Global Campus

Location: Greenwood Village, Colorado

Tuition: about $42,000 total

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Online bachelor’s degrees: 13

The Colorado State University’s Global campus offers students an extensive selection of degrees online and has a broader choice of specializations and concentrations. These can be added to your degree programs a la carte. (If you decide to do this, it can prolong the time required to finish your degree.)

To reduce the time required to complete your degree, CSU-Global has several ways for you to get alternate credits. Like other universities, you can complete college-level examinations or submit relevant portfolios they’ll analyze.

Here’s the way they describe the procedure:

“Non-Collegiate credit, other than military service credit or exam for non-college courses, like exam or military service credit corporate training or certifications, professional licensing and more. It can be considered a transferable degree, provided that it is assessed in accordance with the Guidelines of the ACE that are examined through the National College Credit Recommendation Service (CCRS), and is not a duplicate of credit already accepted for transfer.”

Credit can also be earned via Sophia Pathways. Also, of course, you can transfer credits. CSU-Global allows you to make transfers of up to credits, which is 75 percent of your education.


9. Concordia University-Chicago

Location: River Forest, Illinois

Tuition: about $61,000 total

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Online bachelor’s degrees: 7

Also on our list of schools with the fastest bachelor degree program is Concordia University-Chicago. Concordia University-Chicago provides an online degree program that is accelerated and accelerated regardless of whether you have transfer credits.

These degree programs may be accomplished in as little as 16 months, and their courses last only five weeks. But, you must demonstrate at least two years of full-time experience to qualify for these programs.

Here’s what the graduates have to say about the accelerated degree program at Concordia University:

Concordia’s online BS in human resource management appears to be the one degree that allows you to earn credit for previous learning.

Credits can be transferred to many of these programs. However, the amount you can transfer is different.


10. Albertus Magnus College

Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Admission Rate: 83%
Graduation Rate: 61%
Institution Type: Private
Accreditation: Yes
Percent Online Enrollment: 49%

Lastly on our list of schools with the fastest bachelor degree program is Albertus Magnus College. A private school, Albertus Magnus College operates from its main campus in New Haven, Connecticut. Students interested in pursuing an online degree can pick from 21 programs, including the BA in general studies. Students who seek degrees online can benefit from a flexible structure with excellent academic standards.


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