Best Places in Europe in December for International Student 2022

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Study Abroad Programs provide you with an opportunity to see the world as a classroom. Instead of grabbing information through books and the Internet and navigating through a different world might make you aware of the world of history, culture, different languages, or even your roots.

Studying abroad can open the doors to personal growth and learning as well. When you can say hello in a different language, connect with people and eat new food, It will increase your confidence, help you develop self-confidence, and expand the boundaries of your comfort zone. Also, a break during the holiday season is crucial to refresh your brain for the next time and also know the best places in Europe in December.

It can be a bit surreal for a student in the winter months. The days are becoming blurred due to exams and revisions taking over your thoughts.

Luckily, Europe is blessed with beautiful cities around the globe to explore on a short vacation. The idea of traveling to Europe with a budget for students may seem like a daunting undertaking.

We’ve compiled the ten best places in Europe in December. If you’re planning to purchase tickets for a train or flight, look at this list of the best places in Europe in December to determine the destination you’ll be visiting.

Top 10 Best Places in Europe in December

Below are the best places in Europe in December for international student:

1. Berlin, Germany

Firstly on our list of the best places in Europe in December for international student is Berlin, Germany, It’s not hard to imagine that Berlin, one of Europe’s top tourist destinations, is hard to pay for. Berlin is one of the most affordable capitals of Western Europe. A culturally rich and historic city, Berlin has something for all. It is a vast city; however, it has an excellent public transportation system that covers everything.

Additionally, there are several top-of-the-line museums in Berlin, particularly on The UNESCO World Heritage Site “Museum Island.” Berlin is also famous for its stunning green spaces and parks.

Visit Tiergarten for a stroll among the city’s most expansive parks. It is simple to eat cheaply, and cheap accommodations are all over the city. For students, Berlin is an excellent alternative for a weekend trip.

2Prague, Czech Republic

While it’s the case fact that Prague isn’t as affordable as it once was, it’s still a charmingly cheap city to visit for the duration of a weekend, compared with other European cities. The city’s walking tour can help you discover the city’s extraordinary atmosphere and culture without cost.

Hotels booked through websites such as Airbnb are a great deal in extremely central locations. The architecture of Prague is unique, and the views are stunning.

Be sure to check out Prague’s Charles Bridge, particularly at sunset! Food is inexpensive and delicious, which suits students on a tight budget.

3Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Also on our list of the best places in Europe in December for international student is Amsterdam, Netherlands. A short distance from the UK and, in its way, an extremely compact city, Amsterdam is perfect for taking a break for a weekend. It is famous for its beautiful canals (Amsterdam has more canals than Venice) and its excellent bicycle culture and cycling, exploring the city is a great value.

If you’re looking for one, Amsterdam has a wealth of world-class museums, including the Van Gogh Museum. While not as inexpensive as the other cities listed on this list, lodging in Amsterdam is still affordable for the price. With a relaxed atmosphere and the most friendly people you’ll ever encounter, a weekend trip to Amsterdam is an ideal choice for students.

4. Kraków, Poland

We have the gorgeous Krakow, a city that is beautiful Krakow. It is small enough for walking around, but there’s plenty to explore. This means that it makes Krakow an affordable city to explore. It is very affordable to stay there while the meals are tasty. In addition, Krakow has a fantastic street food scene, which is an ideal match for traveling students.

5. London, England

You’ve probably imagined yourself walking the city streets in London, but this is the perfect time to realize it. London is full of historical monuments, art and culture and cold weather.

Explore the top British and National History museums for free while you learn about the history of England. Make sure to mark off your favorite sites, such as strolling along the south bank of the Thames, Oxford Street, Wembley Stadium, and Buckingham Palace.

Begin your trip with a delicious dinner and roast at an establishment in the area with your friends. You could also finish the evening with a few pints of soft drinks, based on what you prefer.

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6. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest offers an amalgam of monuments, museums, and religious places. Disappear into a fairytale in the Fisherman’s Bastion. Explore the underground caves in the Buda hills, underground railways, and Szechenyl thermal baths.

Famous for its ruin pubs, this city has the best craft beer scenes in Europe. You can also place bookings to attend the Sziget music festival, performed on the island in the Danube.

7. Athens, Greece

When you hear the word Athens when you hear the word, you’re thinking of the past and Greek historical events. However, there’s more to it because Athens is an excellent combination of beautiful food, white-washed buildings and laid-back living.

Historic sites are an excellent starting point, particularly for those interested in the Acropolis in the middle, where the remains of the city are still buried to this day.

You can also take trips to the awe-inspiring Greek islands and architecture museums and snap adorable photos. Perhaps you never know; the Greek gods may smile at you.

Students of the history department would like to take a short trip to Athens for an enriching experience.

8. Barcelona, Spain

Also on our list of the best places in Europe in December for international student is Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is a fantastic tourist destination for students. Famous for its stunning design and famed football club, the city is another fascinating sight in Europe.

You can stroll through cobblestone lanes in the Gothic Quarter while trying out the tapas and sangria. Be sure to look at and admire the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s art and the whole of Barcelona from the top of the Montjuic Cable Car.

Explore the breathtaking landscape, delicious food, and breathtaking art before heading back to school, All for a low amount.

9. Paris, France

The city of Paris is the ideal place for lovers and anybody who loves the love of their life. Paris may be one of France’s more expensive cities, and museum admission charges can be pretty expensive; however, there are ways for students to save money and have fun in the city!

Take a stroll to the park near the Eiffel Tower to enjoy an afternoon picnic with your friends while you take in the bustle of the city below you.

Savor delicious pastries, colorful macarons and memorable scrolls down the Seine passing through the city. Try the stunning streets, distinctive French food, and grand boulevards.

10. Florence, Italy

Lastly on our list of the best places in Europe in December for international student is Florence, Italy. When everyone’s rushing towards Rome, Why not venture out to Italy’s second vibrant city?

Florence is full of top-of-the-line museums, stunning architecture, and fantastic food. It is possible to get lost in the beauty this city has to offer and make your stay memorable.

It is possible to climb up to the summit of the Duomo and view it from above the Ponte Vecchio and admire Michelangelo’s David in the Galleria of the Academia.

Let’s call it a massive ball of amazingness in one day!

After a tiring day of exploring, it is time to visit your local Mercato Centrale Firenze to taste the pizzas and other delicious Italian dishes!


Europe is an ideal location to discover the rich culture, sample delicious cuisine, and connect with the past. Europe has everything, from ancient, stoic cities to modern, bustling megalopolises.

Explore any of the ten cities that are ranked as top, and you will be able to enjoy an opportunity to live your life. The world offers so much, so why not take a look?

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