Apply for Scholarship to Study Medicine In No Time 2022/2023

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The dream of becoming a doctor is the goal for many students. Medical careers open many opportunities to assist others and impact the lives of people in your vicinity.

In the first year, the scholarship to study medicine is rare. There are numerous chances for medical students to get financial aid for their first degrees in medical or health-related disciplines, which cover various types of programs. Whatever the subject you are interested in, from tropical medicine to hereditary diseases, make sure to look for scholarships.

You can apply for a scholarship to study medicine at all levels globally. There are a lot of slots available… be quick to register and apply today!

Top Scholarship to Study Medicine

Below are the top scholarship to study medicine in 2022/2023:

1. The Recovery Village Health Care Scholarship 

The Recovery Village Health Care scholarship award of $1,000 is offered to US citizens or a student studying a medical-related degree. For eligibility, applicants must submit an essay detailing the reasons they are interested in health care, focusing on mental health.


2. Carl Duisberg Scholarships 

Medical scholarships of up 10000 euros (~PS8,420) for students currently taking their clinical traineeships or practicum year in selected medical areas.

Candidates eligible for the scholarship are international students who wish to pursue their studies in Germany as well as German students who wish to study in other countries.


3. Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Scholarships and Grants 

Research scholarships for primary or clinical biomedical research students who require funds for independent research in Denmark.


4. The Karolinska Institutet Global Master’s Scholarships 

Scholarships for international students who wish to take a master’s course in the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.


5. UCLan MBBS Scholarships

Scholarships are available to UK students from the North West of England to pursue the MBBS course in UCLan at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).


6. Tylenol Future Care Scholarship

Ten awards of $10,000 and 30 grants of $5,000 are available for those who want to pursue jobs in the field of healthcare. Students can pursue their studies at the undergraduate or graduate levels, and you must be either a US or Puerto Rican citizen to apply.


7. ASME Grants and Fellowships 

Many international scholarships are available for medical students and teachers to continue their medical training in the US and outside.


8. Edith SeVille Coale Scholarships 

Scholarships for women in the third year of medical education in the US at any of the four medical schools near Washington DC, including Johns Hopkins University’s School of Medicine.


9. AMC Amsterdam Merit Scholarships

Scholarships for medical school are available to students from outside the EU/EEA studying the master’s level within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


10. NHS Student Bursaries 

One of the most renowned institutions of funding within the UK for medical students, The NHS offers a wide range of grants annually to students taking a course in medical school. It is possible to be eligible, but the bursaries are available to those who reside in England.


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Top tips for applying for medical scholarships

Here are some suggestions that can help you when applying for the medical scholarship:

1. Begin early

Don’t wait until the last minute to start looking for scholarships. The sooner you start, the more time you’ll have to find scholarships that you’re eligible for.

2. Do your research

There are numerous types of scholarships that are available. You should do your homework and choose the ones which are suitable for your needs.

3. Follow the instructions

Check the instructions thoroughly and complete the application in full. Incomplete applications are not considered.

4. Make an application for numerous scholarships.

Aiming for several scholarships will boost your chances of being awarded one. It is not a rule that you have to apply for one scholarship. Do the research, and submit as many scholarship applications as possible.

5. Get your academics in order.

One of the most effective methods to ensure that you’re admissible for scholarships is to put in the effort to improve your academics. Achieving an excellent GPA can increase your chances of being a target for scholarship committees.

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