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Do you have a boarding school student who is paying too much tuition? Are you interested in attending a boarding school, but it is beyond your means?

It can be hard to find the funds to pay for boarding school tuition, especially for international students. It is, therefore, one of our most requested questions.

These boarding school scholarships are available to international students who wish to study in the USA. We will list the top 10 boarding school scholarships for 2022/2023 and how to apply.

What is Boarding School Scholarships

While it can be an expensive and worthwhile experience, boarding school is often a rewarding one. It is more affordable to apply for boarding school scholarships.

The school often offers a scholarship program to boarding schools to help families send their children to school.

There may be scholarships offered by other programs you could apply for your boarding school experience.

You may be surprised that you have various options when applying for these scholarships. The following section will discuss the differences between these types of boarding school scholarships.

Types of Boarding School Scholarships

You may come across two types of scholarships: merit-based and need-based. We’ve broken each one down to help you understand what to look out for when applying.

1. Merit Scholarship

Some scholarships are based on academic achievement and test scores, but there are many other avenues that you can use to get the funding you need.

Schools often use merit-based scholarships to enhance their student body’s talent and interests. These scholarships may be for students passionate about dance, music, and robotics.

Some boarding schools may offer these merit scholarships to encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities. A merit scholarship may be worth looking into if you have a passion you want to pursue during your boarding school experience.

2. Need-Based Scholarships

There are two types of need-based scholarships. Both depend on family income and household expenses. Schools will consider the lifestyles of families living in the same area as theirs to be fair.

Financial Aid is the first category. Financial Aid is the first category. Indexed tuition is the second. This approach individualizes the tuition of each student based on their family resources.

Apply for Online Colleges that Give Stipends in 2022

Top Boarding School Scholarships In The USA

Below are the top boarding school scholarships in the USA:


AFS and B.P. have partnered to host the B.P. Global STEM Academies in Brazil, Egypt and India. These four-week programs focus on science, technologyEngineering, math (STEM), and global competence education.

These are the requirements to be able to participate in this program.

  • Must be born between December 1, 2003, and June 1, 2005
  • Participation in an English-only classroom or program.
  • Demonstrating an interest in STEM and studying abroad, as well as interfacing with other cultures
  • Willingness to attend Academy destinations in Brazil or Egypt.
  • Willingness and ability to travel alone abroad
  • If selected, the ability and willingness to obtain a visa for travel

Apply Here

2. Halsey Fund Scholar

In 2011, the Halsey Fund was created in memory of Woodruff W. Halsey, II. The boarding school scholarship goes to high school students with exceptional academic abilities, financial needs and a strong interest in international study. In addition, the student must comprehend cultural differences and improve their language skills.

The scholarship and grant recipients receive tuition at no additional cost. SYA will also provide round-trip airfare for the SYA school of your choice.

To apply:

  • You must complete an online application to apply for SYA, which is Student Year Abroad. See your coordinator if you are a student in a member school.
  • Write an essay to answer the following question: “Tell us about something you’ve done at school, home, or community that prepared you for School Year Abroad.”
  • It should be 500 words and emailed as an attachment to SYA Admissions at [email protected].
  • Attach your name and the SYA country to where you are applying.
  • Fill out the application for Financial Aid.

Apply Here

3. Imagine America Foundation

Since 1982, the Imagine America Foundation (IAF) has been operating. IAF offers scholarships, awards, financial aid information, sector research, and faculty training. It promotes career colleges to the public.

Are you a high school senior looking for money to help pay for college and your career? Are you looking to attend one of the nearly 400 career schools across the country that are participating? The Imagine America High School Scholarship Program is available to help.

IAF created the Imagine America High School Scholarship Program to award scholarships to high school students. Every year, five graduating seniors from high schools in Puerto Rico and the United States are eligible to receive the $1,000 Imagine America scholarship.

Apply Here

4. Washington Scholarship Fund

The Washington scholarship fund provides scholarships for students attending boarding or day schools in Washington to help them pay for their college education. It also offers scholarships to high school students who have lived in Washington Depot, Marbledale or New Preston for at least two years.

This scholarship and grant to a boarding school in the USA are intended for high school seniors who wish to finance their college education.

Apply Here

5. Latino Student Fund

The boarding school scholarship fund and scholarships are available to Latino students in Washington. This funding opportunity is available to even Latino kindergarten students in the USA. It provides education for students of Hispanic heritage who are not otherwise enrolled in PreK-12th grade.

Apply Here

6. Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is the largest in Chicago for high school students. The Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund offers high school scholarships and support for Chicago students from economically disadvantaged families.

This grants students the best chance to succeed in college and high school. This scholarship and grant will only be given to Chicago residents. Non-residents of neighboring communities are not eligible.

This scholarship is best for students in 7th-8th grades. It is usually a full-boarding school scholarship that is awarded to the recipients.

Apply Here

7. Tri-County Scholarship Fund

Tri-county Scholarship Fund is for high school students from New Jersey. Students in grades K 12 receive funds to help them get a safe, high-quality, and value-based education.

The scholarship is for grades 9-12 and provides partial scholarships up to $4,000. This scholarship is not full-tuition but partial.

Tri offers a freedom scholarship to high school students with financial needs. It provides $5,000 for high school students with high academic achievement. These students must also attend a partner school.

These are the requirements to be eligible for this scholarship:

  • The student must live in Morris, Passaic or Sussex counties in New Jersey. Or the school they intend to attend must also be in one of these areas.
  • You must also apply to a Tri-County partner school.
  • Each year, you will be eligible to reapply for the scholarship.

Apply Here

8. School Choice Scholarships

This scholarship is available to students from low-income families. They can choose a private school to attend with a scholarship. It is a scholarship and grant to boarding schools for students from low-income families.

It is only open to students who are from Louisville. Most families use this scholarship program to provide full scholarships for their children at boarding schools.

Apply Here

9. Bisons Children Scholarship Fund

This scholarship funding opportunity is for students in Western New York. This scholarship is available to students in K-12th grades. Kindergarten students are awarded an average of $1,445 per year.

The K-8 scholarship is one of the largest in the country. However, it helps families for the entire nine-year high school experience.

The high school scholarships are only for current 8th graders at BISON. A lottery draws the recipients and awards them an annual $3,500 scholarship to any area private high school.

Apply Here

10. The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange

High school students can apply for the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX), which is available to them if they are interested in learning the German language, by participating in a full immersion program.

It’s a program and scholarship for boarding schools jointly funded by the U.S. government and Germany.

The young professional scholarship was created for American high school students aged 18-24 with a career in the field.

This CBYX program offers 350 scholarships to high school students and graduates of vocational fields. It also provides support for young professionals who are interested in an academic year homestay program.

It would help if you were at least:

  • A U.S. citizen
  • Aged between 15 and 18 1/2 as of August 1 of the program departure year
  • Current high school student, at the time of applying, with a 3.0 GPA or higher on a scale of 4.0.
  • German Language Learning Interest

Apply Here

What Are the Requirements to Apply for A Scholarship at A Boarding School?

Some requirements must be met to apply for a scholarship at a boarding school. First, boarding schools offer Merit-based scholarships for students who excel in academic work. To be eligible for merit-based scholarships at boarding schools, you must have outstanding grades. This scholarship is often given out automatically.

The second category of students eligible for boarding school scholarships is those with financial needs. This scholarship is not available to you if you don’t have sufficient financial resources.

The school also offers boarding school scholarships to students who excel in extracurricular activities such as arts, sports, and science.

Students interested in applying for scholarships to boarding schools in the USA must be either a student or have applied.

How Can I Apply For High School Scholarships?

After finding the scholarship you wish to apply for, either online or the ones offered by your school, the next step is the application process. Typically, what is required is for you to;

  • Fill out the application form
  • Include your academic transcripts. This will show your grades.
  • Show evidence of financial need if it is thus required
  • Provide other credentials and submit them.

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