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Scholarship opportunities for your passions – not your grades! School can be expensive, so one of the most frequent questions students ask us at SLN is how they will afford it all.

Jobs and loans may be available, but nothing beats the power of a scholarship. A scholarship is the kind of reward that can instantly alleviate financial strain without any requirements. In this article, we’ll be looking at how to apply for 99 scholarship awards.

What are 99 Scholarships?

Apply for 99 Scholarships Today

99 Scholarships is an innovative scholarship campaign from Student Loan Network (SLN), providing money for your passions instead of grades. If you need help paying for school, 99 Scholarships is the place to be.

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How Can I Apply the 99s Scholarship?

Every scholarship process is slightly different, but the application is always straightforward. It might involve writing a brief personal essay about the scholarship topic you’re passionate about, creating video or photo artwork that says 1,000 words, or even taking part in an online survey or free trial offer. Once your submission is ready, agree to the contest rules, and you’re in the running for that scholarship!

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What if I can’t find the right job opportunity for me?

At 99 Scholarships, our mission is to ensure a scholarship for everyone. Even if your passion isn’t listed yet, we have plenty of opportunities that any student can apply to:

Accepted Scholarships
SLN’s Full Ride Scholarship
Find The Right Fit Scholarship
Elevator Pitch Scholarship
LEO’s Love, Hate Rate Scholarship

Still nothing? Unfortunately, we still need to reach our goal of having 99 scholarships to give away! Stay tuned as we add new ones daily – perhaps one will be perfect for you!

Have a great scholarship idea but need clarification on the process? Contact us and let’s have a conversation.

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