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For students who are beginning their schooling or returning to school, The lottery scholarship provides opportunities to pursue the careers of their dreams and ensure their financial future.

Adhe Arkansas challenge scholarship have generated thousands of dollars of proceeds to assist in pursuing higher education.

It is more significant than the 750,000 Arkansas Academic Challenge scholarship awards. More than 92 cents of each dollar of lottery revenues are spent on prizes and scholarships, as well as commissions for retailers and other costs in Arkansas. This article will discuss how to apply for the Arkansas challenge scholarships.

About Adhe Arkansas Challenge Scholarship

The Academic Challenge Scholarship is supported mainly through the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery and provides aid to students attending each state university and two-year institution – private and public.

The applicants can be students who have recently graduated from high school, are currently attending school, or at any point in their life. Furthermore, the scholarship may be coupled with other aid programs, for instance, the future Grant.

This autumn marks the tenth anniversary of the Lottery. Since its inception, 542,307 scholarships in-state totaling over $965 million have been awarded to students seeking two-year and four-year degrees.

Benefits of Adhe Arkansas Challenge Scholarship

The funds are distributed to students who qualify for scholarships such as the Academic Challenge Scholarship based on the system of rewarding student achievement. Students enrolled in institutions with four years are eligible to receive $1,000 for their first year.

Students who stay in the school and meet the eligibility requirements are awarded $4,000 for their sophomore and junior years and $5,000 in their senior year. For institutions with two years, students are awarded $1,000 for their first year and $3,000 in the following year.

Eligibility for Adhe Arkansas Challenge Scholarship

We want it to become more than a mere term. Eligible are students in college and nontraditional students.

General Eligibility

The eligible person must reside in the USA, Arkansas in particular. Other eligible groups could be in the running to receive scholarships.

Eligibilities to Colleges

  • You must meet specific requirements to continue receiving an award for a scholarship from the Scholarship Lottery for the second, third, and fourth years of your education.
  • First-year students must take 27 semester credits, whereas second-year students must finish 30 hours a semester. Part-time students are still eligible for scholarships. However, the amount of money awarded will be lower.
  • It will help if you keep an average 2.5-grade point average throughout your studies to qualify for the Arkansas Lottery award.
  • At all times, you must be enrolled at your school. If you fail to attend a semester, your scholarship will be canceled. This is only valid for two terms.
  • Your scholarship may be renewed after completing 130 hours a semester if you satisfy all the requirements.
  • A student’s application is evaluated if their degree requires them to attend over 130 hours per semester at the institution.
  • You decide to decide whether or not to increase the amount you receive. You are not eligible for additional funds even if you did not earn an associate’s degree before the date.

Eligibility for High School

  • Students in high schools with a 19 or better ACT score are eligible to apply for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship.
  • Arkansas Scholarship Lottery accepts ACT equivalents. The SAT Math and verbal sections will accept a score of 900 points. Scores between 40 ASSET and 64 COMPASS or 79 ACCUPLACER are accepted.

Eligibility for Non-Traditional Students

  • The term “nontraditional” refers to those who don’t go straight to college following graduation from high school. If you completed high school in the past but did not attend university, You could be classified as a nontraditional student.
  • This means you must possess at least a 19 ACT score and a 2.5 GPA in Arkansas high schools or after 12 hours of a university course.

How to Apply for Adhe Arkansas Challenge Scholarship

Scholarship-funded scholarship applications can be found at the Arkansas Department of Higher Education website at You can fill out the department’s YOUniversal application on the site to establish your eligibility for entire Arkansas scholarship programs. You can even download the YOUniversal application for financial aid and submit your application directly on smartphones.


Deadline For Adhe Arkansas challenge scholarship

The Adhe, Arkansas Challenge Scholarships, is now open

For more information, Visit the official website, CLICK HERE

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